Welcome to Young Achievers

Our school is dedicated to creating an exceptional teaching and learning environment in which science and math concepts, explored by new technologies, are central to teacher and student inquiry.

Our school is governed by a democratic participatory process that relies on active partnerships with families, students, community members and community institutions.

We make a collective commitment to social justice through academic excellence for the diverse student body enrolled at our school from throughout the city of Boston.

Our rigorous academic and social curriculum is designed to maximize each student’s potential for critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, community involvement, and responsible leadership.

Young Achievers School Pledge

As a member of the Young Achievers Science and Math School,
I believe that I have great power and important things to do.
I know my power will build a very strong and caring school.

I have the power; I have the power,
to respect myself and others
to make my school safe
to make good choices and work hard to succeed,
to focus and be the best student that I can be,
to make connections in math, science, and technology.
You have the power within you.
I have the power within me.
We have the power within us.

To study and act in ways that will make a difference in our school,
our neighborhood, my city, my country, Young Achievers we RULE!!!

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YA Habits of Mind

At the heart of our school climate and instructional practice is the development of certain habits of mind:
  • Creativity
  • Investigation
  • Evidence
  • Perseverance
  • Connection
  • Equity
Learn more about the YA Habits of Mind and how they help YA students live up to their potential as scholars.

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